Monday, May 11, 2009

Quinoa - Recipes anyone?

I received a rather inquisitive email from my friend, Katie, this afternoon.

"cooking question for you: have you cooked much with quinoa? i had it out recently and LOVED IT!! just not sure how to prepare it..."

Not only was I stumped by the question, but I was completely dumbfounded. My initial reaction was that is was some sort of couscous, but what did I know. Hence, my research of quinoa began...

Cultivated for of thousands of years in the lush Andes Mountains in South America, this grain- like seed was held scared by the Incas of Peru, Bolivia and Chile. Said to be a strong contender of the animal kingdom, this daunting plantae member contains an abundance of calcium and high amounts of protein along with all the 8 amino acids essential for humans and categorizing this unparalleled crop as a uniquely complete, protein source. A healthy alternative for vegetarians and vegans, many restaurants here in San Francisco serve quinoa. Check out Herbivore!

As for my friend, Katie's, "food for thought", this weekend I'm determined to play with this new found idea. Thanks for the inquiry! I've been desperately trying to find meaning of this life of mine..JK but honestly, I've looking to try a new recipe and just like nature intended, organically what will be, will be.

Thanks Katie! :)

Stay tuned as I'm thinking of spicing this quinoa with a Moroccan flair.


  1. Thanks, Rochelle! I'm going to try this one. Rock On!

  2. Hi Ro - we make it all the time. One thing I did recently was roast some poblanos (then de-seed and cut into bite size), and then added them to prepared quinoa. In addition - I add kidney beans, chevre, then drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper. I actually stole the idea from the lovely shena winslow and she originally made it with brown rice and there was corn in there too I think. Good luck with your exploration.

  3. oh I love it, Jenn. So is it typically served cold?

  4. Oh yeah! Can you make this for me when I get there this July, My Sweet Daughter? I love the recipe. Awesome!